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PneumaLube aids in mounting and demounting all types of tires. Reduces bead damage with its’ super lubricating action. Once the tire bead is seated, it quickly dries to keep the tire from slipping on the rim and throwing the tire out of balance. PneumaLube does not contain petroleum products, silicones, solvents or greases and leaves no messy residue.

Pentra 4 is an aerosol lubricant that dries wet electrical
and ignition systems, penetrates and loosens frozen
nuts and bolts,prevents rust on metal surfaces and makes assembly and disassembly of machinery easier.

A superior high temperature and high pressure grease designed for all types of heavy duty applications. Features a high melting point and operating temperature range. Super Red 80 provides excellent adhesive characteristics for stay-in-place performance. Water wash-out resistant and provides excellent rust and oxidation protection.

Super Blue HD is a high temperature, multi-purpose grease made for a wide variety of lubrication demands. This grease provides excellent adhesive characteristics for stay-in-place performance and exceptional water resistance. Its balanced high load-carrying ability provides maximum protection, by reducing friction and wear.

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