Fleet vehicles rack up miles in hurry, making maintenance and repairs a costly expense for these owners. PneumaSeal™ Tire Sealants provide relief with dependable performance and a great return on investment. PneumaSeal™ is scientifically developed to reduce tire related failures, extend tire life by 20% or more and reduce fuel costs by maintaining recommended tire pressure. One installation of PneumaSeal™ lasts the life of the tire and costs less than one tire repair, saving you time and money.

  Easy to install
  Guaranteed to for the life of the tire
  Extends tire life
  Maintains tire pressure and increases fuel efficiency
  Reduces internal dry rot
  Protects against rust and corrosion
  Good at temperatures down to -40°F
  Cleans up with water

Common Carriers
Community Service Fleets (police, fire, etc.)
Delivery Vehicles
Military Vehicles
Rental Vehicles
Tractor Trailers


PneumaSeal Products Division of Kor-Chem, Inc.